5 after 9, LLC
4732 N Lincoln Ave Suite 2
Chicago Illinois 60625

Making things make sense.
Making them look good.
It's what we do.

5 after 9 does Design and some Other Stuff.
You have caught us redecorating, so until the electrons are aligned, here are the 5 things we do after 9:

Your brand is your business personality. We learn about your brand and then design a logo and color palette to suit your look — your signature style.

Putting out on paper is not as dirty as it sounds. You need cards, brochures, signage, tradeshow booths, you name it, we've done it. We like getting messy with analog.

You need a UI, a UX and you-know-not-what. We can design your digital visual footprint from web to e-media.

You may find our copywriting useful, especially if the last thing you wrote that was longer than an email was a 5-paragraph essay on how you spent your summer vacation. Extra points to anyone who calls us on that previous run-on sentence.

Because consulting sounds too stuffy. We've been graphic designers and digital mavens for over 20 years, helping agencies streamline process, teaching graphic departments industry best-practices, and empowering clients to get creative with presentation and social media tools.

Because our clients come first and we have a busy 4th quarter planned, our website is still barefoot. In the meantime, check out our 2012 showcase links below.
Cheers - Doug & Arlene