5 after 9, LLC
Chicago Illinois

Dateline: 01 January 2015

5 after 9 is having a Creative Crisis.
Crisis is an overstatement with a soup├žon of hyperbole but really, does anyone read non-dramatic titles anymore? The truth is we are in the middle of change. Our design and marketing services have come to a close. Our research and development is opening up to larger projects.

So what's next?
We have made the good decision to spend the balance of the year on emerging technologies and data imagining. The results will define our new services when we return in 2016.

Thank You!
It's been a terrific run with great B2B and B2C clients. You all know who you are. We have been lucky to have worked with outstanding people over the years and wish you all the very best. You will be missed.

Check back for updates on our changes.
Cheers - Doug & Arlene